Tarot cards & Jesus⚡️

I grew up as a Christian. Specifically a Mormon. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I really started to question & wonder things. “Is God a dude in the sky? Who made the dude in the sky? Who or what made that dude who made the other dudes?” With the help of the... Continue Reading →


Love: An intense feeling of deep affection. It’s true! I really really do! I have been through so much! Life has thrown so many punches at me. I’ve been on so many emotional rollercoasters. Have been in so many mind funks & confusions. I have discovered so much of myself through these struggles & hard... Continue Reading →

Receive peace & clarity by doing this..⚡️

Masculine energy: Aggression, action, organization, & thinking. Feminine energy: Present, receiving, stillness, & feeling. It’s so easy to get caught up in the every day groove & routine. Wake up with your significant other, maybe it’s your cat’s or dog’s— Go off to work then come home & be busy with kids, tv, friends or... Continue Reading →

Single & Stoked⚡️

So they fall off. You know, those rose colored glasses. The glasses that fool you-- the filters that get you to lose sight of reality. Love is blind, ay? It definitely was for me! It's a scary thing to lose yourself in a person. To think that things will change or to create a false... Continue Reading →

6 tips for beautiful skin.

I've always been a HUGE advocate of PREVENTATIVE HEALTH. I suppose it stems from being a little girl & worried that I could end up in the hospital & having to face the *DUN *DUN *DUN DOCTOR! Ahh HELL NO! I'm avoiding that at ALL COSTS. I learned that it eased my mind to know... Continue Reading →

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